Fits apps where reliable wireless is a must.

2004 –

IQRF® unique values

  • IQMESH® routing protocol utilizing directional flooding brings outstanding network robustness
  • IQRF® DPA commands (a standardizing language) assure simple integration and interoperability
  • FRC® (Fast Response Commands) dramatically increase network throughput and reliability
  • OTA (Over-The-Air) service enables remote centralized network management lowering maintenance costs
  • Multilayer security based on industrial standards is extended by dynamic keys generation and exchange
  • Low power with sophisticated power management modes
  • Lots of outstanding features are patented

Hundreds of real projects with 250k+ IQRF® based devices

1 000+
250 000+

Public lighting in Israel

Wireless technology IQRF allows an effective management of public lighting. Our portfolio includes specific products for lighting control networks – e.g. cowled module for outdoor environments. IQRF modules control lighting, send data on real consumption and monitor failures of individual lamps in lighting networks worldwide. Operating cost savings of such a network of lights is 40%.
See more at Menolinx or Comexys website

Lighting control in supermarkets in Mexico

Wireless modules automate lighting supermarkets. IQRF allows you to selectively turn on only certain lights, control the light intensity (mainly LED), control light and transmit data about a fault. Automated control of large networks of lights in different modes as needed.

Access and intercom systems

Wireless access and intercom systems, payment terminals and various electronic imaging systems. Network of large amounts of equipment collect, send and evaluate current data.

Monitoring consumption of family houses

On-line monitoring of energy consumption and other variables of a family house. By optimizing heating, it was managed to reduce gas consumption by 15% without decreasing the thermal comfort of the population.

Wireless technologies in telemedicine

The study of wireless technologies and their use in the areas "Scan - monitoring - telemedicine" compares different technologies, incl. IQRF, and their possible use in sensing, monitoring and telemedicine. Compare the wireless systems of the device within the Internet of Things.

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