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IQRF Alliance accelerates creation of smart cities

Intelligent intersections that aligns the green wave for rescuers, public car park, which itself will guide drivers to vacant parking lots or street lights automatically saving power during periods of low traffic. This seemingly sci-fi scenario does not belong to American movies, but to the real smart cities. The IQRF Alliance brought nearly 40 technological companies, universities and development centers together to address the future of smart cities and smart buildings at a meeting in Brno. Among the first smart cities a Czech City of Písek seems to be the number one.
The project “Smart City Písek” seeks to introduce modern information technologies into the daily regime of the city. Its representatives and the IQRF Alliance have agreed on the use of the technology IQRF as the main communication platform. This gives the city of Písek go ahead to become the first really intelligent city in the Czech Republic.

Using the wireless technology IQRF increases comfort of the city's population via dynamic control of intersections, smart management of public lighting and navigation system on public parking lots. Analysis of all the collected data brings optimization of urban traffic and public transport.

"We have chosen the IQRF technology because it offers highly innovative solutions proven by many real installations. The start of the project Smart City Písek is planned in the spring of 2016. I believe that Písek will become a pioneer in the field of Smart Cities and will serve as an inspiration for other Czech cities," says Radovan Polansky, Executive Director of the Technology Centre of Písek.

The IQRF Alliance was established two years ago and today it associates companies from the US, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Israel and India. "The success of the Alliance is in cooperation of individual members - developers, universities, research centers and companies. Just because they can develop new applications, installations and systems and combine them together. On this basis even a smart city can be created. The City of Písek is just an example of our work.  We are preparing joint projects with other Czech and foreign cities," explains Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance.

Representatives of the Smart City Písek and the IQRF Alliance also agreed on organization of the biggest conference in the field of smart cities “CityCON”, which will be held in Písek in May 2016.


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