…where reliable wireless is a must.

2004 –

IQRF® unique values

  • IQMESH® routing protocol utilizing directional flooding brings outstanding network robustness
  • IQRF® DPA commands (a standardizing language) assure simple integration and interoperability
  • FRC® (Fast Response Commands) dramatically increase network throughput and reliability
  • OTA (Over-The-Air) service enables remote centralized network management lowering maintenance costs
  • Multilayer security based on industrial standards is extended by dynamic keys generation and exchange
  • Low power with sophisticated power management modes
  • Lots of outstanding features are patented

Hundreds of real projects with 250k+ IQRF® based devices

1 000+
250 000+

Wireless CO2 sensor

The combined sensor of air quality measuring CO2, temperature and humidity gained wireless connectivity and visualization of data in the cloud during an incredible period of seven weeks. A demonstration of implementation speed of a wireless communication into any product

Wireless Pneumatic Tools

A global manufacturer of pneumatic manual tools, screw assembly systems and automation has incorporated wireless communication IQRF into his products. The cutting-edge technology deserves professional maintenance and monitoring, how tools are working or where they are located. Transceivers guard the condition of pneumatic hammers working in difficult conditions (dust, temperature, vibration), including the display of data in the cloud. Maintenance and timely replacement of parts can save hundreds thousands of crowns for new tools.

Wireless control of power plants

We have developed a complex control system of cooling circuits of power plants. IQRF modules control rotation of 5.1 MW turbine blades to achieve the required output power of the plant Jaworzno III, Poland. IQRF technology monitors the overload of the servomotor and reports any faults in the system. IQRF wireless solution is used in facilities with the highest demands on reliability.

Wireless networks of lights

Networks of wireless lighting with feedback control of the system in the Slovak and Czech towns – e.g. Prešov (700 lamps), Ľubotín, Pilsen, Nitrianske Hrnčiarovce (145 lamps). The current network status can be displayed directly in Google Maps. Automatic check of the status of lamps and lighting throughout the system reduces maintenance costs.

Public lighting in Israel

Wireless technology IQRF allows an effective management of public lighting. Our portfolio includes specific products for lighting control networks – e.g. cowled module for outdoor environments. IQRF modules control lighting, send data on real consumption and monitor failures of individual lamps in lighting networks worldwide. Operating cost savings of such a network of lights is 40%.

Lighting control in supermarkets in Mexico

Wireless modules automate lighting supermarkets. IQRF allows you to selectively turn on only certain lights, control the light intensity (mainly LED), control light and transmit data about a fault. Automated control of large networks of lights in different modes as needed.

Automation in production

Torque wrenches for precise tightness in the automotive industry with wireless data transmission into the birth certificate of each manufactured vehicle. IQRF enables efficient and accurate control of the production process.

Battery monitoring systems in Slovak nuclear power plants

NPP Mochovce and Jaslovské Bohunice use battery-monitoring systems with customized control panels VCP-02. The systems are custom developed by ELTECO for Enersys, a battery supplier for nuclear power plants.

Wireless lights of industrial halls

The company JULI Motorenwerk, s.r.o. was looking for efficient lighting solutions and management for production halls. The main requirements were to replace sodium lamps with LED lights, and a comprehensive lighting control system, which will take into account the high variability and frequent changes in the deployment of technology and warehouse spaces. A MESH network was created with two-way communication between the control software and lights.

Industrial temperature control

Wireless data-driven modules (Data Controlled Transceivers) regulate the temperature of large warehouses and manufacturing spaces. The system allows you to control lights and other infrastructure facilities. It is the first wireless heating system easily managed by data.

Heating optimization of smart homes

A complete solution for measuring, collecting, processing and visualization of temperature data in the cloud IQ Home SensNET™. The user follows the current course of temperatures, history of data, sets various notifications, automated measures and monitors his/her costs.

Ventilation and temperature control

Ventilation and temperature control of non-residential buildings prevents damage caused by moisture and penetration of frost into buildings.The system works on the principle of solar ventilation, which is controlled automatically according to the current weather.

Smart parking

Online monitoring of occupancy of individual parking spaces by means of a detection technology for presence of a vehicle. Continuous data collection and user-friendly installation are main benefits of the application (http://www.citiq.cz/en/applications).

Wireless sanitary electronics

Sanela Ltd. is a leading producer of complete range of sanitary electronics in Czech Republic. Wireless communication IQRF is used in several products such as toilet flush units, washbasin taps or automatic showers.

Remote control for targets

Development of software and hardware for wireless control of targets included security of data transfer, simple and secure pairing of drivers and targets, simultaneous use of multiple drivers and targets without interference, range of up to 100m, easy installation and low cost. In this application, each message must be unique in order to prevent wiretapping and misuse of command.

Access and intercom systems

Wireless access and intercom systems, payment terminals and various electronic imaging systems. Network of large amounts of equipment collect, send and evaluate current data.

Monitoring consumption of family houses

On-line monitoring of energy consumption and other variables of a family house. By optimizing heating, it was managed to reduce gas consumption by 15% without decreasing the thermal comfort of the population.

IQRF Cloud

A professional cloud storage for users of wireless technology IQRF built on a robust template CISadmin. IQRF Cloud provides easy access to data processing and control of terminals.

Wireless technologies in telemedicine

The study of wireless technologies and their use in the areas "Scan - monitoring - telemedicine" compares different technologies, incl. IQRF, and their possible use in sensing, monitoring and telemedicine. Compare the wireless systems of the device within the Internet of Things.

Wireless measurement of digestion of cows

IQRF technology has been successfully used in the study "Impact of individuality of an animal on the daily picture of pH and redox potential in the rumen of cows without lactation". The probe carried out measurements every 20 seconds and calculated average values in order of 1 min. intervals. The study confirmed the appropriateness of the use of wireless data transmission technology using IQRF in the vivo method.

Intelligent switchgears for power industry

Control touch screens VCP-02 are used in intelligent switchgears supplied for a Slovak energy supplier Stredoslovenská energetika, Inc.

Wireless detection of trailers and containers

The system allows tracking of vehicles, their trailers and containers with regard to safety and efficient use of vehicles, trailers and individual containers. Monitoring based on GPS, GSM - GPRS and IQRF oversees more than two thousand containers for transporting bulk or building materials.

Industrial IoT Gateway

An industrial plug and play, AAEON model UP-IIoTGW interoperable IoT Gateway for condition monitoring, preventive maintenance and asset management. Addressing customer needs for trusted and secure, neutrality and connectivity IoT gateway.

Embankment monitoring system

Rail Alert Asset Management system is used to manage the data from site and can be configured to trigger alarms based on sensor location, alerting configurable stakeholder groups by SMS or email. Asset management system with a broad range of capabilities from point condition monitoring to track temperature to flooding.

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