Wireless detection of trailers and containers


Transport companies need to monitor the route of vehicles with containers. They need to know when the driver loads or unloads goods and where he rides. Routes can be optimized based on GPS coordinates and planned loading/unloading of material.


Inside the driver's cabin, there is the control unit with GSM – GPRS, GPS and IQRF systems. When the container is loaded/unloaded to/from the truck, the information message is sent to the central dispatching. The operator knows the route of the truck based on the GPS coordinates.

The system allows tracking of vehicles, their trailers, and containers with regard to safety and efficient use of vehicles, trailers and individual containers. Monitoring based on GPS, GSM - GPRS, and IQRF oversees more than 2000 containers for transporting bulk or building materials.

Advantages of the system:


The operator knows where are their containers with a material, where they were loaded/unloaded and where the driver was riding. He is familiar with all cargo handling.


Description of CWI system – CWI_CZ.pdf


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