Remote control for targets


Targets for biathlon are wirelessly controlled through IQRF network. When one shooter ends and targets are hit, they need to be set up for next shooter. The producer of the system is the APEOM company.


Remote control of targets is done by IQRF technology, which is secure, reliable, it has low power consumption and up to 500 meters range in an open place.

Development of software and hardware for wireless control of targets included security of data transfer, simple and secure pairing of drivers and targets, simultaneous use of multiple drivers and targets without interference, sufficient range, easy installation and low cost. In this application, each message must be unique in order to prevent wiretapping and misuse of command.


Remote control of targets using wireless IQRF technology is appropriate, otherwise, the operator would have to use wired connection using long signal cables from the controller to the targets or he could use the manual setting.



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