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Firmware v2.80 for GW-ETH-02A released. (Reset and factory settings improved. Some minor improvements and bugs fixed.)
8 Feb 2016
DDC-SE-01 User's guide slightly updated (pull-up resistor value on Dallas bus added to simplified schematics).
3 Feb 2016
Recommended development circuit for TR-56D transceivers slightly extended.
2 Feb 2016
DDC-76D-01 adapter for development with TR-76D transceiver released.
1 Feb 2016
GW-GSM-02A User's guide updated for FW v3.10, IQRF OS v3.07D, (DC)TR-72D and server hosting by CIS.
25 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016
TR-76D, TR-56D and TR-56D-433 datasheets updated (recommended circuit for development added).
18 Jan 2016
Light + Building 2016
Microchip Technology Inc. has become a new IQRF Wireless Challenge II partner and brings new development tools for all contestants and the winners. All registered contest participants are eligible to order chipKIT uC32 development board with 30% discount. chipKIT uC32 is also a new prize for six IQRF Wireless Challenge winners.
4 Jan 2016
21 Dec 2015 website redesigned.
17 Dec 2015
GW-ETH-02A FW v2.75 released. Minor bug in time/date setting fixed.
10 Dec 2015
IQRF pricelist updated.
9 Dec 2015
IQRF Startup packages for TR-7xD and TR-5xD with IQRF OS v3.07D updated for DPA v2.24 and IDE v4.32.
8 Dec 2015
DPA v2.24 released. Fixed the issue of released DCTR-7x DPA versions from 2.20 to 2.23 plugins that overwrite a tail of Custom DPA Handlers of size above 736 instructions. It is strongly recommend to upgrade to DPA v2.24. » Release notes.
7 Dec 2015
3 Dec 2015
GW-ETH-02A firmware v2.74 released.
3 Dec 2015
Breakout boards IQRF-BB-01 and IQRF-BB-02 released.
24 Nov 2015
TR-56D datasheet updated (HW revisions added).
20 Nov 2015

1 Nov 2015 - 29 Feb 2016

10 Nov 2015
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