IQRF Technology for wireless

Technology for wireless

IQRF - complete solution for manufacturers
To make any device wireless, working in Mesh networks
and connectable to Internet.


IQRF transceivers

IQRF transceivers
Hundreds of meters
Sub-GHz ISM bands
Low power


Light + Building 2016
Firmware v2.80 for GW-ETH-02A released. (Reset and factory settings improved. Some minor improvements and bugs fixed.) 8 Feb 2016
DDC-SE-01 User's guide slightly updated (pull-up resistor value on Dallas bus added to simplified schematics). 3 Feb 2016
Recommended development circuit for TR-56D slightly extended.
2 Feb 2016
DDC-76D-01 adapter for development with TR-76D transceiver released. 1 Feb 2016
IQRF Wireless Challenge II
Worldwide contest in IQRF applications. Prizes 3,700 EUR.
1 Nov 2015 - 30 Apr 2016

Add wireless to your device using our transceivers

IQRF devices

IQRF Cloud

Access your wireless devices via Internet
  • Worldwide control and datalogging
  • Plug and Play
  • Free or licensed


Software Development Kit
Use standard devices with IQRF
  • Free SW libraries
  • You can easily implement wireless
    wherever Java or C runs
    : Raspberry PI, Arduino, chipKIT, BeagleBone, PlugPC, PC, tablet, standalone MCU, ...
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