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IQRF Startup package for OS v4.00D, DPA v3.00 and IDE v4.40 released for TR-7xD transceivers. » Release notes.
23 Mar 2017
DPA v3.00 released. » Release notes.
23 Mar 2017
IQRF OS v4.00D with ultimate security based on AES-128 encryption and lots of other enhancements released. » Release notes.
23 Mar 2017
IQRF Quick start guide updated for IQRF OS v4.00D which will be released soon.
13 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017
AN-01 antenna datasheet updated, parameters slightly extended.
17 Jan 2017
GW-USB-06-WMB User's guide released.
28 Nov 2016
Wireless M-Bus User's guide and TR-72D-WMB datasheet updated. TR-76D-WMB datasheet released.
24 Nov 2016
Article about IQRF at Electronica 2016 posted at Electronic Specifier.
23 Nov 2016
DPA UART HDLC and CRC calculator available.
22 Nov 2016
Presentations at IQRF Alliance Meeting in Warsaw, 19 Oct 2016
19 Oct 2016
IQRF Hackathon results.
18 Nov 2016
It is our pleasure to welcome such a successful company as Zyxel in the IQRF Alliance. Zyxel is global manufacturer of DSL and other networking devices located on Taiwan. It is distributing its products on five continents through strong network of distributors. Company has nearly 30 years of experience in the area of IT business. Focused on innovation, Zyxel is working on its solutions and devices for the Internet of Things.
18 Nov 2016
CETIN, company from the area of Czech telecommunication infrastructure, joined the IQRF Alliance. CETIN manages and operates the largest telecommunications network in the Czech Republic, covering the entire geographic territory of the nation.
CETIN is famous for its philosophy to provide open access to the network with equal conditions to all operators. 99,6% of the population in the Czech Republic is covered by CETIN´s mobile GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA technologies build on almost 6000 base stations. CETIN is not only provider of mobile technologies but also of fixed SDH, WDM, Ethernet and IP technologies. The company owns 20 000 000 km of metallic cable pairs and also 38 000 optic cables all over the Czech Republic in almost every household. These days CETIN is working on adding more optic cables every day. CETIN is also working on providing the international infrastructure of products and services in London, Vienna, Bratislava and Frankfurt, with expansion to Hong Kong coming soon. We believe that this new partnership will bring innovative technologies and processes for all the members in the IQRF Alliance.
18 Nov 2016
IQRF Technical guide 2016 released.
26 Oct 2016
MICRORISC company profile updated.
26 Oct 2016
DPA v2.28 released. » Release notes.
3 Oct 2016
IQRF Startup package for DPA v2.28 and IDE v4.36 released for TR-7xD and for TR-5xD. » Release notes.
3 Oct 2016
AAEON joined IQRF Alliance.
29 Sep 2016
IQRF OS v3.08D User and Reference guides for TR-7xD and TR-5xD updated.
21 Sep 2016
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